Social Enterprise:

A not-for-profit service for UK charities

Born out of the charity sector, Rare Adventures understand that challenge event fundraising can be critical for charities both large and small.

When it comes to charity challenge events, our policy is simple:


We will not keep profits from publicly fundraised money


If a dedicated fundraiser has shaken a collection bucket in the rain or slaved over a hot oven for a bake sale, we strongly believe that as much of what they raise should go to the causes they care about.

In practice, this means that an accountant will assess our costs at the end of each year. They will then calculate what profits have been made from payments by charities and certify the amount of money to be redistributed.

Rare Adventures will donate all of these profits to UK charities either to support their fundraising, or to create real change in the areas we work, particularly working for the rights and well-being of porters, guides, cooks, and their children.


White-label events

All of our events can be offered as white label adventures to your charity. This means that we let you, the charity, take centre stage when it comes to fundraising support and shouting about your cause. Our sign-up links will carry your branding and message, and registrations can be linked from your own website. Rare Adventures will take full responsibility for all elements related to the adventure itself, such as kit, training, flights and insurance leaving your team able to focus on what matters most, engaging your supporters.


Safety & Standards

We are fully compliant to the British Standard for overseas expeditions and adventures (BS8848), and demonstrate a rigorous approach to the safe planning and management of our adventures. We work with expert teams in each country, to ensure the safety, well-being and enjoyment of our clients.

A challenge event is a once in a lifetime experience. You will push yourself to the limit, not just during the challenge, but also while fundraising for a cause you feel strongly about.

Rare Adventures work closely with some amazing charities, enabling dedicated fundraisers like you to spread the word, and challenge themselves to make a real difference.

Our team understands the commitment and passion it takes to sign up to a charity challenge event. We have all experienced challenge events from the position of both fundraiser and charity, so can offer relevant and insightful into training, kit and the adventures we run.

For more information on the charities we work with, or to join a charity challenge event and raise money for good causes, please get in touch.

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